Angry Studio
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Vital statistics
Position YouTube Film Maker
Age Doesn't Want To Reveal
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Angry Studio is the owner and founder of Gob. He and BlockSquad1000 created "Vines That Don't Exist", and Angry Studio was going to upload it to his channel of the same name. He later created Gob, and posted it there. He asked BlockSquad1000, Oajeeh Gani, and various other friends such as Starman345 and Shadowdude24 to be a part of Gob. He does not like to reveal personal informarion about himself, like his name, for security reasons. He is known for adding lots of special effects and green screens to his videos. He loves film making, and some of his best work on Gob includes "Vines That Don't Exist" (1 and 2), "Accidental Anime Porn", and "Bop-It TETRIS".

Debut Edit

Angry Studio debuted in "Vines That Don't Exist". He has so far appeared (as himself and as a character) in many more episodes since then.

Appearances Edit

These are the videos that Angry Studio has appeared in:

  • Vines That Don't Exist
  • Paranormal Cativity
  • A Quick Video (Unofficial Episode)
  • Five Nights At Freddy's In Real Life - Night 1
Vines That Don't Exist02:05

Vines That Don't Exist

  • Bot-It TETRIS
  • Vines That Don't Exist 2
  • I'm NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Paranormal Cativity01:05

    Paranormal Cativity

    A Quick Video01:16

    A Quick Video

    Five Nights At Freddy's In Real Life - Night 101:56

    Five Nights At Freddy's In Real Life - Night 1

    Bop-It TETRIS01:11

    Bop-It TETRIS

    Vines That Don't Exist 201:25

    Vines That Don't Exist 2

    I'm NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:20

    I'm NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Slender In Real Life02:22

    Slender In Real Life

  • Slender In Real Life

Trivia Edit

  • BlockSquad1000 thinks Angry Studio doesn't upload enough
  • He prefers to film the shorts, rather than act in them
  • He played as Bonnie in Five Nights At Freddy's In Real Life
  • He has studied and learned film making skills from camp
  • He has a cat named Leo
  • He loves Anime, especially Naruto.
  • He uses Final Cut Pro X to edit his videos.

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