Anime Porn Guy
Screenshot 2015-02-01 15.55.26
Vital statistics
Position Anime Fan
Age 20-23
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 7 1/2 Feet
Weight Unknown

Anime Porn Guy was on the internet one day, when he decided to watch a new episode of his favourite anime show. He types in "New Episode Anime", when suddenly, the Pervert makes his cat walk along Anime Porn Guy's keyboard, which types in "Porn" at the end. Anime Porn Guy screams, and covers his eyes.

Later on, in another video, Anime Porn Guy is discovered to now have an obsession with anime porn, and has a rivalry with the Pervert.

He and the Pervert comically fight eachother by punching eachother while the song "Hide and Seek" plays, which sparked the recurring "Mmmm, What You Say" joke within Gob videos. He is a barely used character, but he is set to return in future episodes.

He is played by Starman345.

Debut Edit

Anime Porn Guy debuted in Accidental Anime Porn. He was the main character, but he wasn't the main character in the other video he appeared in.

Appearances Edit

These are the videos that Anime Porn Guy has appeared in.

  • Accidental Anime Porn00:53

    Accidental Anime Porn

    Accidental Anime Porn
  • Accidental Anime Porn 2
  • Accidental Anime Porn 2 (Re-edited)
Accidental Anime Porn 200:37

Accidental Anime Porn 2

Accidental Anime Porn 2 (Re-edited)00:55

Accidental Anime Porn 2 (Re-edited)


  • When the Pervert appeared in Anime Porn Guy's house, he punched the Pervert, and he fell backward in slow motion, while a segment from the song "Hide and Seek" started playing. This became a recurring joke used by Gob in their videos.
  • The cat, Leo, was originally supposed to have a pervert face, too, but Anime Porn Guy's head was blocking Leo. So he became the cat that Pervert used to walk across the keyboard to type in "porn".
  • It is unknown why Anime Porn Guy became obsessed with anime porn in the second video, but it is assumed he eventually got used to it, and became a pervert.
  • The Anime Porn Guy's face apparently can become a Troll Face.

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