Glitchy Mario
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First Posted August 23, 2014
Second By Oajeeh Gani
Third 3rd Installment
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Fourth Video
Glitchy Mario00:35

Glitchy Mario

Glitchy Mario is the third video to be published to Gob. It was created by Oajeeh Gani, and posted on August 23, 2014. The video features a "glitch" in a Super Mario game. It is the first video to feature Oajeeh, and is one of the weirdest videos on Gob.

Trivia Edit

  • This was uploaded on the same day as HAUNTED VLOG!
  • BlockSquad1000 watched it 17 times and laughed every time
  • The intro features an image used by CorridorDigital in their video "The Glitch".
  • Oajeeh said that he randomly added everything to the video, to make it more funny.

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