Vines That Don't Exist
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First Posted August 19, 2014
Second By Angry Studio & BlockSquad1000
Third 1st Installment
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Vines That Don't Exist

Vines That Don't Exist

Vines That Don't Exist was the first video that was uploaded to Gob. It was posted on August 19, 2014. It was posted on Unlisted at first, but on January 5, 2015, it was posted to the public. The video was a compilation of Vines (that are not actually Vines), and was filmed earlier that month, but was edited over the course of a few weeks. It was uploaded before BlockSquad1000's birthday, and Angry Studio showed it to him on his birthday.

Trivia Edit

  • The video was inspired by Smosh's "22 CRAZY VINES (That Don't Exist)" video. Before the video was posted, BlockSquad1000 told Angry Studio that parodies sometimes are made to make fun of the thing it is parodying. Angry Studio told him that he didn't want it to make fun of Smosh's video, so right at the start of the short, it points out it is a "Nice Parody".
  • BlockSquad1000 brought over a copy of Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #2 over to Angry Studio's house the day they recorded, so they decided to have BlockSquad1000 read that comic in one of the Vines.
  • There are some Vines that were cut from the video.
  • The video has an outro, but this is not official, and is never used again.
  • The outro also at one point says "Subscribe to become a Bro". PewDiePie calls his Subscribers "Bros", but Angry Studio intended the Gob subscribers to be called Bros. This was changed, to avoid copyright claim.
  • There were never intended to be any more Gob videos after this, but BlockSquad1000 insisted to upload a video called "Haunted Vlog!" a few days later.