What Tess The Cat Is REALLY Thinking
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First Posted August 24, 2014
Second By BlockSquad1000
Third 4th Installment
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Fourth Video
What Tess The Cat Is REALLY Thinking

What Tess The Cat Is REALLY Thinking

What Tess The Cat Is REALLY Thinking is the fourth video to be posted to Gob. It was created by BlockSquad1000 and was uploaded on August 24, 2014. It features his cat, Tess, and BlockSquad1000 created voiceovers of what Tess would have been thinking about certain situations. BlockSquad1000 himself admitted it was more of a test than anything, to see how well Tess would work in Gob shorts.

Trivia Edit

  • At one point, Tess is trying to find a "hiding spot." every time Tess jumps to a new location, you can hear BlockSquad1000 say "WOAH!" This is because he got surprised when Tess jumped.
  • There is an error at one point: Tess says "I don't want anything to do with you!' At this point, the voiceover moves to the next clip.
  • Tess runs upstairs at one point, and when she does, it shows her downstairs again in the next clip. This is either an error, or BlockSquad1000 intended time to have passed in-between the clips.